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Why the SU99 Elite™ Ultrasonic Nebulizer with NexGen™

Circuit for Sputum Induction:


The SU99 Elite™ incorporates a High frequency ultrasonic generator to vaporize/nebulize the inner chamber contents; through the utilization of micro-processor controls the Device can independently vary both the density of the nebulization and the air-flow. 

NexGen™ Circuits are utilized along with the SU99 Elite™ as a means to administer the nebulized liquid with an approximate nebulization rate of 3 ml per minute, with an air flow of 20 l/min maximum and particle size of 1 - 5 μm MMAD. NexGen™ Circuits have been expressly designed to provide a single-patient use delivery system that incorporates State of the Art infection control. NexGen™ Circuits are available in a variety of configurations for Adult / Pediatric medication delivery or sputum induction. Ask your Westprime associate for more information regarding your particular application and how the SU99 Elite will improve your practice.  The SU99 Elite™ is State of the Art, Efficient and Cost effective.

The SU99 Elite™ also has a mobile configuration that will allow you to travel to a patient’s home or utilize the device at a remote site or for transportation during contingency scenarios.

Operator and User Friendly

Simple to Use

Effective and Reliable

Robust and Durable Design

Fast and Effective


Medication Delivery



Sputum Induction



Effective Infection Control Protocols

Guaranteed Support, Service and Training

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